Open House

The new break ground system of selling property, by KW One.

Discover the new way of selling property, with the most impressive results, applied exclusively by Keller Williams. Open House is an open event organized by KW One in order to enhance communication amongst agents and customers. During the Open House event, prospective buyers are gathered on the spot, to take a closer look at the property, get the proper information about it and make an offer in case they are interested. The Open House dates are presented online on the website and on facebook page, by KW One.


Open House is a way for prospective buyers to see a property with or without an appointment (during the time the event takes place). It is a way of selling property with amazing advantages. It cuts down on the time of sale thanks to the wide publicity and mass attraction of buyers on a single day. It is one of the most powerful weapons for a Keller Williams agent.


For the seller

  • Display of the property to many possible buyers.F
  • Possibility of multiple offers.
  • Saving time. Lots of prospective buyers get to see the property in one day.
  • The advertising of the property is promoted to neighbors. Most buyers are already residents in the area.
  • Great possibility for the property to be sold at the price asked by the owner.
  • Fast comment collection from the buyers concerning the property.

For the buyer

  • Chance to see the property without an appointment but with the assistance of a Keller Williams agent.
  • Chance to visit the property twice the same day.

Contact information

 Ir. Polytechneiou  61, Larissa

 +30 2410 539429,+30 2410 539430

 +30 2410 539431


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